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macOS code injection for fun and no profit


Two years in review


Dissecting history

Who I am

I'm an independent software developer, coach, and angel investor with over 15 years of experience in academia , startups , industry, and open-source software .

My primary technical expertise lies in applied machine learning, data science, compiler engineering, and computer graphics.

I've led interdisciplinary, international teams and projects, devised and supervised the implementation of product roadmaps and business plans, acquired customers, and secured funding.

I've authored books and academic papers , been a speaker on the technical conference circuit , won awards , taught at school and university, mentored young entrepreneurs, and invested in early-stage startups.

The birth of my son was a pivotal moment, inspiring me to contribute to the community and leverage my skills to highlight societal issues .

What I offer

Pricing is tailored to meet individual or organizational needs.

Get in touch

contact@mariozechner.at Glacisstraße 63 8010 Graz Austria
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